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April 2020

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Auto hack game My City : Pajama Party free

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Auto hack game My City : Pajama Party free Empty Auto hack game My City : Pajama Party free

Bài gửi by BlackRose1999 on Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:47 am

Download Auto hack game My City : Pajama Party miễn phí
Auto hack game My City : Pajama Party free
Auto hack game My City : Pajama Party free 5SffnKNrefRpwRCASFnVDphUuu9hJuOAbhvYm8RJZ-4iKr5Qw5YIfDUkAQPtqDtpvlk=w720-h310-rw
Popcorn, Movies, Snacks and Music are ready, Invite your best friends, turn the light off and let the Pajamas party start! So many kids have requested this one we just had to create it. Don't forget to visit our new pajamas Party Store where you can get cool pajamas, lamps, toys and snacks for your party. 

Create Your own parties, Anywhere!
Get everything you need to host the perfect pajamas party game in my city. Flower shop for that extra fun party feeling, night store that sells all you need for your party, a large friends house with lots of rooms and locations just perfect for your party. Do you want to hold the party in another house? don't worry about it. My City games are connected, you can easily move all items and characters between our other My City games.

Age group 4-12:
Easy enough for 4-year-olds to play and super exciting for 12 years to enjoy. 

Game features:
- 6 Exciting locations - Friendly Friends House, Flower Store, Food truck, PJ Party Store.
- 20 characters that you can use and move between other My City games
- Lots of things to explore, Customise and discover.
- The game is connected to all other My City Games, All locations and characters will be available in other games you own
- The furniture store will add more customization to My City Home
- Free-Play stress-free games, Extremely high play time
- No Ads or IAP in the game
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